The Global Self-sufficient Revolution continues

This is still quite expensive $4000.- but it will become $40,- very soon. Then the self-sufficient new world order will grow very fast.


From the Economics of Happiness

Globalization, if growth is the answer, may it be the growth of Gross National Happiness?

Globalization is the most powerful force for change in the world to day. For some people globalizing economic activity is the biggest hope for the future, for others its the fundamental cause of many of the problems that we face today. An ongoing threat.

People often think of Globalization, as something that brings us all closer together. But at its core, its an economic proces. Its about de/re-regulation and that means freeing up big banks and big businesses to enter (break) local markets world wide. The focus is on profit not people. That doesn’t bring us together. To the contrary; it leads to increased competition, exclusion and devision; breaking down communities and their connection to nature.
Globalization is the rapid expansion of a proces that started about 500 years ago. At that time Europeans conquered and colonized much of the world. They dismantled self reliant economies (and c
ultures) and enslaved their populations, forcing them to work in mines, cotton fields and tea plantations. In de mid 20th century colonialism gave way to a more subtle form of enslavement: DEBT!!!
Shackeled by so called aid packages and crippling loans, nation after nation fell deeper into poverty. Making it easier for corporations and financial institutions (the successor of the colonial mergants) to extract money, resources and cheap labor. Today those transnational businesses have grown so large and powerful, that they effectively control governments, dictate economic policy and shape peoples opinions and world views (destroy local culture). Yet they push for GROWTH through global trade of both goods and finance, continues. Its an agenda that have major implications for nature, ecosystems and people around the world.

Its  basically a system which criminalizes small producers and makers  and deregulates the giant business. If the water is so polluted that we have to buy it in bottles: GDP goes up. Growth seems the solution to everything.

Zelfvoorziening niet alleen voor geitenwollensokken

Je eigen water en stroom opwekken en groenten zelf verbouwen. Wijken waarin mensen voor een deel zelfvoorzienend wonen, rukken op. En dat is allang niet meer alleen voor hippies op geitenwollen sokken.


Is Bitcoin & Solar Power the combination for a new economic system?

Today I studied (again) on the working of bitcoin and i discovered that on a simple laptop, the cost of energy usage will exceed the value of bitcoins that ONE simple laptop can generate. But will the investment in solarpower and a bigger energy efficient render-farm be profitable then?

UN Equal Wealth in America – YouTube

Principled Societies Project Part I: Local Financial System – YouTube

Principled Societies Project Part I: Local Financial System – YouTube.


the end of eco nomics

the end of economics as we knew it for 700 yearxs

“our mind is running on corporate software, and our economy is running on an absolute obsolete 13th century economic operating system.

(mf: that is running on its end now).

The money we use and the corporations we work for, borrow from and lend to, are the artifacts of a 12th century dynasty, trying to maintain power over ten merchant-class-revolution. That was 700 years ago, and no longer appropriate to the tasks within a digital economy. We don’t need the bank we don’t need a corporation.”

Douglas Roushkoff
Tegenlicht ma 21 januari 2013 20:55